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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Mountain Visocica

Visocica 2016
Visocica is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. Geologically, Visocica is part of the Dinarides and formed mainly of sedimentary rocks, mainly limestone and dolomite and has a large flat surface covered by vegetation and pastures. Because of underground non-porous geological strata, typical karst features Herzegovina nearby mountains are relatively absent in Visocica, resulting in enough water sources, even at altitudes around 1500-1700 m. Springtime lakes, however, tend to dry soon to summer. Some minor source streams from the mountains as their tributaries bordering the river: Angry at the East Canyon in the northern and western slopes of the Neretva River to the south. Significant peaks Mosque (1974 m.), Vito (1960 m.), The Grand Ljeljen (1963 m.), Red kuk (1733 m.) And large Toholj (1837 m.). special challenge for tourists and passers-by attracted top Mosque high 1974 m. and on top of the hill there is a special place-bay where is a large amount of snow during  all year!

Price for one day trip is: 100 Euro per person!
The price includes: transport,guide,food and Hostel or spleeping room!
Minimum 2 persons!

Tel: +38761529212
Gsm BiH 061 52 92 12



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